A look inside our recruitment process

A look inside our recruitment process

Are you interested in applying for a job at Programming Pool? Below, you can see our recruitment process in six steps.

1. Identify the hiring need

We usually learn about the need for a new team member from our project managers. Before we post a new job, we always ask ourselves about the role’s goals, business needs, objectives, and needed skills.

After this analysis and depending on the role, we reevaluate the existing job description or write a new one, collaborating with the project manager and maybe even some project members. 

The idea is to be clear to each member involved in hiring what needs we have and what we’re looking for in the role. We believe that the more time we invest in this step to clarify the needs, the easier the next steps will be. This also helps create a smoother candidate/teammate experience.

2. Advertise the position

Next, the marketing and design department helps us create the advertisement. It is designed to target the right people and convey what we want. We use an employee referral system if it’s a good fit for an existing teammate’s friend and post it on different hiring platforms. 

Resumes, either those from the hiring platforms or recommendations, give us the first impressions of candidates. All the applications will be evaluated before selecting the candidates and progressing to the next step. A tip here: we would appreciate it if you submitted your resume in English.

The programming Pool team ensures confidentiality, and all received applications are handled with strict confidence.

Suppose no candidate is suitable, and we no longer receive resumes. In that case, our recruiter generates applications from potential candidates who are not actively searching for new jobs but may be perfect for the available position.

3. Recruiter Interview

Selected candidates are invited to an initial interview with our hiring manager via Skype. At this point, we want to know you better. What aspirations and goals, your previous experiences, and your personality do you have?

This meeting will also allow you to ask all your questions regarding the job to get the best possible understanding of “what it’s all about.”

We are looking for people with the same values as us: simple, passionate, honest, and curious people to constantly discover and learn new things. The purpose of our selection process is not only to find people who are the perfect fit for our team but also to be the right fit for you.

4. Technical Specialist Interview

The technical interview, which will also take place online, is meant to check your technical skills. 

Usually, it depends on the colleague who is the interviewer and the project; we ask some questions to check the logical thinking, problem-solving ability, reasoning, and knowledge so far. This interview can also have a practical part, but you must solve it on the spot.

Don’t be scared about this step! You may not be precisely at the level we want, but if we see potential, you will be offered an online interview with our CEO.

5. CEO Interview

The CEO interview allows you to meet the company’s management.

This is done to get to know you better, to find out how you act in certain situations, what approaches you use in your work, and what role you will play in the team. The discussion about the financial offer also takes place here.

Be yourself, and don’t forget to tell us what makes you unique and motivates you.

Now, all that’s left is the paperwork. Welcome on board!

6. Your first day at PPR

To help you better prepare for your first day of work, we will contact you online and provide you with all the relevant information. You will receive clear instructions on the documents we need, who to get, and what to expect on the first day at PPR.

We will also provide you with the necessary equipment and introductory training to learn about our work.

The entire hiring process takes about three weeks, so we are waiting for your resume at support@programming-pool.com, regardless of whether or not we have available roles, to be able to start counting.

See you soon!

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