OptiHospitality is a set of applications designed for hotels and chains targeting the online management of this sector’s activities. Having a special structure designed for this business, OptiHospitality comes with powerful online solutions perfectly adapted to the activities regarding the following items:

  • management of the hotels, prices, and offers (through the central reservations system);
  • create, use, and maintenance of a clients’ database (through the “Customer Relationship Management” tool);
  • easier client access to the offered services (through the online booking system);
  • A powerful tool for hotel managers used to gain and manage the clients’ feedback to know their individual opinions regarding the hotel’s services and their satisfaction after a hotel(s) stay.


OptiRez is a hotel and booking management tool along with channel distribution over the internet for prices and availability.

OptiBook is a booking application (website) for clients (a perfect customizable interface for making bookings) whose interface is included (or is a separate website) ionthe hotel’s website.

OptiCRM is a complete customer relationship management tool that creates, updates, maintains, and processes a client database offering multiple financial and client reports.

OptiSurvey is a powerful tool for receiving customers’ feedback after using the hotel’s services.

OptiPlan is a complex budgeting tool for hotels and hotel chains.

OptiCMS is a user-friendly tool used to maintain and update the content of a hotel’s website.

OptiCore is a corporate reporting tool for hotel groups that aggregates all daily operational metrics to enable performance reporting and to identify discrepancies in the budget’s forecasts.

     All these applications are inter-connected, and they form an entity perfectly covering the needs of a hotel’s management from the rooms’ facilities to the customer’s feedback ( which may be used by the hotel’s manager to improve the offers and to adapt the offered services to the market’s necessities).

     The OptiHospitality suite has been created to cover all the aspects of the hospitality business in such a way that each part of this entire business may have a designated application to help the people involved in. The suite is easy to use and our company offers the possibility of specialized training sessions with the employees, technical support, and user guides for maximum efficiency in using the applications.


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