Know the performance of every project, profitability of every client, and utilization of every resource — so you can replicate what works.

Smart Management Software is complex solution for managing of projects and gives you not just power of planning, but also its eligible tool for project delivery! Why?

Efficient control of the on-line placed orders

  • fast input for the production orders;
  • different methods of input;
  • complete management of the existing orders.

Quick and comfortable operations

  • easy and intuitive management of production;
  • quick and light access to key points of the production process;
  • possibility of the export for production graphs.

Administration and total control

  • access levels based on users and rights;
  • control of the application’s behavior using parameters;
  • integrated management of the structures used in the production process.

Workfront is an online project management software that allows you to manage your work in one place. It’s the only comprehensive tool that eliminates extra labor and simplifies everything from communication with real-time collaboration to project tracking and reporting. Workfront helps your organization improve the bottom-line by removing inefficiencies and clutter.

Packaged solutions

Solutions and templates are carefully prepared for you by the experts.

Tailored for you

You will get fully customised solution for your own business issues. Still flexible.


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