Setting Objectives – Workshop

Setting Objectives – Workshop

How to have a correct mindset when setting an objective

We spent Valentine’s Day learning to set goals with the right attitude. Bianca planned it all and taught us how to have a proper perspective when setting a goal and ensure we reach that objective.

The most critical factors for success are:

  • self-trust;
  • perseverance;
  • setting objective.

With objective setting having the biggest score in predicting success.

Objectives are boring

Let’s face it. Objectives are rather dull. When all you want to do is be accessible to every opportunity to escape reality and dream about money, your great idea or business objectives seem like a cage.

We all have wishes. But aren’t wishes just objectives?

What if fulfilling a wish is the same as setting an objective?

Where objectives seem dull and without inspiration, wishes seem emotional and with an impact. But in fact, they are the same thing.

How the workshop went down

We talked about all of this in Bianca’s workshop. In a relaxed atmosphere, we separated into three groups, and with pens and paper in hand, we delved deep into the objective-setting journey.

We discussed the Magic Lamp process, SMART objectives, and how to manage our time. We also took into consideration our emotions and how to combat procrastination.

Last but not least, we meditated. We let ourselves experience things differently and see how we could grow and achieve our objectives.

All in all, it was a great experience. We highly recommend trying the SMART objectives and taking some time to reflect on your goals.

How was the workshop – from Bianca’s perspective

As a facilitator, the most exciting part of holding a workshop is the unpredictability you encounter. You have the same material, but each group of people responds differently. The workshop on setting goals was indeed a different perspective, where the focus was not on techniques but on the emotional background that we need to take into account to have the energy to implement our goals, or, as I called them at the workshop, wishes. – Bianca, HR

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