Office life, how can we make it better?

Office life, how can we make it better?

Interview with the PM in PPR

Today, more than ever, employees want to find meaning in their work; they want to know the purpose for which they are working. This relevant search for meaning is now at the top of the candidate’s list of priorities, but it is inextricably linked to the relationship with the employer. A study of the labor force shows that Romania faces a staff turnover in the labor market, and experts believe this situation could destabilize the internal economy. To better understand this phenomenon, we appealed to Andrei, one of the colleagues with the most extensive experience within the company.

Q: What is your current role within the company?

A: I share my position as PM – Project Manager with Mircea.

Q: Is this the only company you were active at after graduation? What were the aspirations at that time?

A: Yes, the only company. Regarding aspirations at that time? At the very beginning, I was a young man eager to create, to make my mark. Naturally, I was thinking of making money when I chose the Informatics faculty in Baia Mare. I wasn’t thinking of an amount or some solid material to run after. I remember my first salary was 4 million old lei, which is 400 RON today, and that in the first phase, my parents helped me with the rent, which I think was around 30 euros.

Q: What was the office atmosphere like in those days?

A: There was a young atmosphere in the office, full of fresh energy and enthusiasm. In 2003, the entire team consisted of approximately 15 people. It was somewhat of a motivation that helped me fit into the team as best as possible and do what I liked: to create! Along the way, things evolved; at one point, the development of the Programming Pool team was felt as far as Cluj and Iași and ended up numbering around 100 programmers. Like in our personal lives, we mature, family and children come along, and realize what responsibility means.

Q: Let’s go back to our days. What do you tell us about young programmers?

A: It’s something else. The way of life is different. They have too much financial interest, and in addition, they want to materialize before the experience. They have high demands on both technological and logistical comfort. In the end, I’m also attracted to technology, but if you give me a hammer and a nail, the only tools I have to work with, I’ll do my job with them. You can create with anything.

For me, it is an achievement to work in this company. I was allowed to travel and develop. Programming Pool manages operations for major clients in the IT market, and I am grateful for this opportunity.

Q: How ​​do you feel about employee retention? Does this reflect an excellent employee-employer relationship?

A: I do not know what to say. I’m not an expert in this field, but as a PM, I can tell how this team was formed – communication as efficiently as possible. I confess that I have an invaluable help – Mircea, with whom I share the responsibility of managing the team.

Then comes the structure of training and integration of recruits. I am proud to have contributed (and continue to do so with love) to the professional development of my colleagues. The moments when I get their feedback… That’s the part I love the most about my job. To count in someone’s evolution, just as others have counted in mine. This is the creed that was and is the basis of my activity – the meaning of my work. Yes, there needs to be an excellent employee-employer relationship for things to work. I’m glad I found this kind of person here at Programming Pool.

Q:   What would be the most effective way to accomplish this?

A: Not only maybe the team buildings and events intended for professional development contributed to the strengthening of the team. The company employs quality people, 1to1 management (largely absent in corporations), and freedom of expression are essential factors that help.

And one last question…

Q:   What does the ideal candidate look like for your team?

A: What it looks like, I don’t know 😊)), but if someone wants to be part of the PPR team, he must be open and communicative.

This meeting highlights that the most important thing is your motivation. If something you want is beneficial, you should do it without hesitation.

For Andrei, this meant having a long-term vision. A motivation that made him really get involved in the team.

Could it be the motivation that gives us the meaning of our work?

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