Workshop – “Teamwork”

Workshop – Teamwork

“Forming a team is just the beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success!”

– A. Carnagie

Recently, our company organized an intensive workshop on “teamwork.” The event was not just a team-building exercise but also an excellent opportunity to understand the fundamental difference between a group and a team and how this distinction affects performance in the workplace.

The workshop began with an introductory session, where David, our facilitator, highlighted the significant difference between the concept of a group and that of a team. It was a great moment to reiterate our fundamental values of collaboration and mutual respect, which define us as a team.

Learning through Practice

The most captivating part was the practical one, where we had to respond to the challenge of completing a personality test designed to help us identify our behavioral tendencies. The exercise became truly challenging when we used empathy to identify the personality type (out of the 4 that formed the basis of the test) of at least 3 colleagues participating in the workshop.

The exercise highlighted how important it is to understand personality aspects in forming a group, affirming the role of the 

leader, and the impact this has on transforming a group into a team.

Discussions and Feedback: Reflecting on the Transformation

The discussion sessions provided valuable moments of reflection. We analyzed how different approaches (individual versus team) affected our performance and outcomes. Particular emphasis was placed on trust, shared responsibility, and goal orientation to transform a group into a synergistic team.

Conclusions: From Individuals to a Cohesive Unit

The workshop concluded with clearly recognizing the importance of moving from a group to a team mentality – sharing a vision, objectives, and a deep commitment to shared success.”

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