Wine Tasting Party

Wine Tasting Party

We did it again, but this time, it was a Wine Tasting Party, celebrating our colleagues who had birthdays this month.

We wanted to do something different from last time but keep it in the same vein of team building and getting to know each other.

We planned this to be an enjoyable experience from start to finish, beginning with the invites and ending with many things learned about wines.

Forget annoying emails and Skype messages. This time we designed a custom invitation, delivered to every colleague in a purple wine-colored envelope.

Like our Beer Tasting Event, we had several wines to taste and enjoy. We also brought a true wine connoisseur to explain the proper ways to drink wine, their differences, and what makes a perfect wine-drinking experience.

Even the temperature and the age of the wine are essential.

For example, a rose is best to drink when it reaches 1-2 years. If it’s older, you can’t say you had a good rose. (Here’s a tip for your next wine-tasting experience to impress your friends).

We started the party with a rose and continued with red and white. We tasted different kinds of cheeses in combination with wine and explored stories about the history of wine and Romanian places that produce the best wine. We tasted all the wines and discussed their origin, taste, flavors, and where and when it is appropriate to drink.

We had a great time and learned much from this wine-tasting experience.

Which wines go hand in hand with which foods?
What kind of wine can be served depending on the event?
How the storage process affects the taste.

We look forward to more team bonding activities and can’t wait to impress our friends and families with new wine knowledge!

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