Beer Tasting @PPR

Beer Tasting @PPR

To beer or not to beer, this is the question. And beer we did, because this time, we did something different!

Instead of booking a special restaurant with a fixed menu and long tables, we celebrated our colleague in our own office, with a Beer Tasting. Once again, Happy Birthday, Paul!

No fancy dishes, no spoons, forks, and knives; instead, we had craft beers, snacks, and a lot of fun.

We had 15 types of craft beers and surprised our colleagues with two competitions:

  1. The Sexiest Bottle
  2. The Best Beer

We took turns tasting all the beers while discussing their flavors, taste, and origin, and everyone chose their favorite beer based on taste.  

And as the famous quote says: Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder, we looked at each bottle, each curve, line, and art to evaluate the sexiest bottle.

And the winners were (imaginary drumroll please):


The Best Beer Prize, from Programming Pool, goes to:

Nemteana. A traditional, unfiltered craft beer, with a powerful aroma and dense foam.


The Sexiest Bottle Prize, from Programming Pool, goes to:

Urbis. A golden ale with a fresh taste, fermented over eight weeks using aromatic hops.

Now those beers take a seat in the Programming Pool Hall of Fame, ready to be joined by future beverages and foods!

Everyone had a great time, and the beer flowed like in the Norse legends. We were happy to host and taste such wonderful beers, and we’re looking forward to more BEERtastic team experiences.

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