Sport and Health in a Software Organization

Sport and Health in a Software Organization

We value health and fitness here at Programming Pool. That’s why we encourage our team to be fit and play sports for an excellent work-life balance.

By the nature of our work, we tend to sit most of the time, limiting thus our movement and having a sedentary lifestyle in the workplace. If we pair this with limited exercises in our personal life, it can lead to health problems.

Sports play an essential role in keeping people physically and mentally healthy and can help improve productivity. We help our team by having a great workspace, equipped with a pool table and a ping pong table.

We also offer a monthly voucher for sporting activities. It can be used to go to the gym, buy sport-related items, or used in any other sport-related activities.

Tip: If you have a hard time focusing on a sport in your personal time, we recommend taking advantage of sporting opportunities with work colleagues. You can try ping pong, football, basketball, or any other team sport.

Why are sport and physical activities so crucial in an organization?

Firstly, team sports can teach us valuable life skills that can easily translate into business life. In work, as in sports, we need to understand people, establish friendships, motivate others, and work together. Everyone has a role to play – in a job, and a sports team – and every sports team and job has a strategy that needs to be implemented. Thus, every team member has to work toward achieving the same goal.

Team sports also promote the work environment and reduces conflicts between peers. Confidence in each other is crucial. We encourage our team to work together and resolve issues together, thus forming meaningful relationships and developing trust. Our team members also have the chance to meet people that we don’t usually interact in the office, from different functions or departments.

Sports increase self-esteem, improve the workplace, and reduce absenteeism by reducing health problems. Sport raises morale and improves the general mood, which leads to high motivation. By the nature of our work, we can have health problems with negative results. We don’t often notice them because they have slow progress. That’s why we encourage sports and physical activities.

Sports can improve decision-making capacity, as well as performance and productivity. It can combat stress, positively impacting the task’s performance—both in sports and on the job, good communication matters. Communication is crucial and can lead the team to victory, on and off the pitch.

Do you have a sport plan at your current job?

How much do you exercise?

It’s vital for both the company and the employee for him to be in good health. We do our best to have healthy employees and offer them the opportunities to thrive and have a healthy work-life balance.

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