Teambuilding PPR 2019 – Mediaș

Teambuilding PPR 2019 – Mediaș

Programming Pool works together as a team to achieve its goals and bring the best products to the market. But we also like to have fun and strengthen our bonds work better, and build towards a better future – for ourselves and Programming Pool.

To better understand each other, discover new things about one another and have a great time, we traveled from our HQ in Baia Mare to Mediaș; in this picturesque city, the old and the new cohabit in beautiful ways.

Despite not all of our colleagues being present, we managed to develop a good sense of cohesion and group identity. Through all of the different tasks that we received, we managed, as teams, to achieve our goals.

We split into teams and competed to see which team will come out on top. By doing this, we strengthen the bonds between people that don’t have the chance to interact that often in the office environment. The tasks were in such a way that we had to exercise our bodies as well as our minds, and we had to work together to solve every puzzle and lead our team to victory.


We had a great time together and returned stronger, imbued with positive energy, and ready to tackle new challenges as a team!

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