There’s not enough time

There’s not enough time

I want to start a company but don’t have enough time.

I want to write a book but don’t have enough time.

I want to play the guitar but don’t have enough time.

I want to…


We get it. We all want to do something of worth, something to be remembered about, something to leave behind, and sometimes, we don’t have enough time for it.

We look at famous people, people we admire, people we aspire to be like, and wonder how they do it. They tell us that they have the same amount of hours every day. That they are just like us, that we can do it too. But do they?

We have to wash our clothes and dishes, move the snow out of the driveway, blow the leaves, and drive our car to the repair shop; you know, the drill; you did it too. And we wonder if those famous people do all those things or pay someone to do them.

But remember, they *are* celebrities; they *have* all the money you want and all the fame and followers. But they did something to get there. They didn’t start like that. (most of them, some of them did, but we’re not talking about them here). So please don’t compare yourself with the people who made it. Start working on yourself and become what you want to become.

Start Sacrificing

Do you think that a famous writer or singer, or entrepreneur started with loads of money and fame? 

The answer is no if you’re wondering. They started just like you. 

If you think about it, you have all the time in the world if you spend it right.

Don’t sacrifice everything, though. Keep your job, your family, and your friends. Sacrifice all the things that don’t take you one step closer to your goal.

Stop playing that video game that drives you crazy and start working on your novel.

Stop watching endless youtube videos about nothing and start designing new things.

Stop watching TV and start working on your business.

Stop staying late until 3 am doing random stuff. Stay up until eleven and work on your dream. Don’t overwork yourself, don’t pull all-nighters. Spend your now free of bullshit time on yourself and your ideas.

Let’s say your huge idea didn’t pan out the way you wanted it. But most certainly you got something from it, something that you wouldn’t get from wasting your time. You learned something.

Let’s say your huge idea DID pan out the way you wanted it. Let’s say that you cut all that wasted time and invested it in something you believe. Let’s imagine that for a bit. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Remember, no time is no excuse!

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