Working from home – a viable option?

Working from home
– a viable option?

Working from home is not something you pick up overnight. It would help if you had discipline, the right environment, and a good work ethic to finish all your tasks.

Even if you are a freelancer who works from home or you are a full-time employee who can do this, or you’re just trying to keep a safe distance during a difficult time, working from home can be a viable option if you do it the right way.

Here are some tips to help you get those tasks done in time and have a great time from the comfort of your home while doing your job.

Step 1 – create a functional workspace.

If you have a home office, well, that’s perfect. But not everyone has a special place to work at home. You don’t need a site designed only for that purpose. You need a private and quiet space, separate from your area, that you will use only for work.

Working from your bed may seem like a good idea. But you’ll realize it’s not when you wake up from your slumber with 17 messages, eight requests, and a phone call.

Don’t fall asleep, and protect your lower back! Keep your back straight and work from a comfortable position.

Now that you are “in the zone” and have a work place, it’s time to be connected with your colleagues.

Step 2 – stay connected.





Make sure your internet connection is up and running at all times and use technology in your favor: Skype, Google, Thunderbird, etc.

Use any means you can to stay connected with your team.

Step 3 – stay safe and know the rules.

If you’re working with practical information, you have to protect it. While connecting to essential business documents, you must have an active antivirus on your device.

Try working from your Wifi and avoid any public Wifi.

Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean there are no rules. Know your employer’s rules and keep them as if you were working at their HQ.

Step 4 – declutter and minimize distractions.

Now that all the technical aspects of your work-from-home are in order, it’s time to look at your desk and environment.

Put away all things that might interfere with your work.
You’ll read that book later and play that card game after your work schedule is done.

Yes! It would help if you had a work schedule, even working from home. Set a start and end time for your work and keep that schedule. When you work, you work, no questions asked.

If the neighbor’s dog keeps barking or you live in a well-traveled part of town, consider investing in noise-canceling headphones.

Step 5 – take a break.

Don’t lose yourself at work. Take a break from time to time. Get a snack, do push-ups, or play with your dog/cat.

You don’t have to feel guilty for working in the same place you eat or sleep.

Get away from your desk and stretch a little 🙂

These are our five steps for having a tremendous work-from-home experience.

What are your tips for working from home?

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