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Good Vibes.

With a successful line of events behind us, Programming Pool is preparing a special surprise for the IT Community in Baia Mare. We are organizing a one-of-a-kind event in our hometown where we encourage people to be creative, solve interesting problems and make an impact.

The hackathon from 28th to 29th March will be a 24h marathon of brainstorming, coding, and, more importantly, a fun marathon. Our first objective is for people to have fun working on ideas they are passionate about. That is why we prepared everything, from the infrastructure to food and beverages, so you can focus on the concept you are building with other awesome people.

Extraordinary people will join you in your trip.

The hackathon – building a dream idea.

Besides having fun, the main point behind the hackathon is to drive creativity and break the daily routine of working on the same project with the same technology every day. At this event, you are free to work with the technologies you are passionate about and tackle an idea in which you strongly believe. Of course, you can join other people and help them build their dream idea if you don’t have one.

The typical hackathon is adrenalin, code, and Red Bull-fueled frenzy where the participants have a minimum amount of time to build a working prototype of their idea. We encourage a more relaxed atmosphere where people sit together, work on stuff and share their knowledge instead.

On the surface, the idea is simple. Teams of two to four compete to design, build and demonstrate the best view in just 24 hours. The event begins Saturday morning and ends Sunday morning, culminating in a Demo in which the teams showcase their creations to their peers who can then rate them according to preset criteria.

With this event PPR hopes to spin out a new wave of surprises coming up this year.

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