Thoughts after one year at PPR

Thoughts after one year at PPR

Your first meeting with Programming Pool was in “The Project v.1”. Describe how you found the Workshop.

I have followed the company’s Facebook page since my 2nd year of college. I watched every post and wanted to do summer practice here. I did not get an internship after the 2nd year of college. Still, in the 3rd year of college, when I saw the announcement about “The Project v.1”, I did not hesitate to complete the application questionnaire with more confidence as sure I would succeed this time. A few days later, I received confirmation that I was among the ten students chosen to participate in the course.

How would you describe the learning experience in “The Project v.1”?

It was a beautiful experience for a student who wants to learn new things. Marius and Levi explained the basic concepts to introduce us to the programming languages ​​in which they work on the company’s projects and thus see which students are the most interested and focused on learning.

Looking back at the courses, you mostly think about…

About when I wanted to answer a question. But before actually asking it, I asked myself, “will you understand what I mean?”, “will I say something wrong?”. But we were always encouraged to sustain our point of view and learn from our mistakes.

Which personal qualities and skills acquired during the courses have helped you get a job in PPR?

In my opinion, the course was another way to get to know each other. We were taught how to find our information quickly and learn more efficiently. But the, significant competencies were acquired in the practice part when I had to implement a small application. The ambition and desire to give it my best shot also helped me get a job at PPR.

What can you tell us about your current role in the company? What does an ordinary working day look like?

Like every colleague in our team, we have an essential role in providing fast and efficient solutions to customer problems. An ordinary working day starts with checking the tasks and priorities for that day and continues solving them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

On the 1st of this month, you turned one year old in the company. How difficult did you find this year compared to the knowledge and skills gained during the Workshop?

It was not a challenging year because I had a learning period when I deepened my technical knowledge and learned the application I was working on. Of course, the Workshop was a first step in understanding the technologies we needed in the project. It created an overview of the technologies and motivated us to deepen our knowledge in this field further.

What advice would you give to someone at the beginning of the road?

The most important advice I would give to those at the beginning of the road is to learn something new every day and not be limited to current knowledge; there is always room for improvement and advancement. We are in a field where we have to keep up with new technologies, and not a day can pass without accumulating new knowledge. Time must be used to the maximum with activities that improve us, personally and professionally.

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